… a 20-something Vietnamese girl who has proudly been to 21 countries around the world so far. That’s me, Fiona 🙂 Welcome to my humble travel blog!

I was also lucky enough to call myself a past resident of Helsinki, Berlin, Brisbane, Hanoi and Kingston upon Hull. Even more fortunate right now to be back to where I come from: Saigon, Vietnam.

My most memorable travel experience took place in Lapland, Finland almost 8 years ago, when I watched a man drilling a big ice hole, taking a quick dip in it and then putting on his clothes again as if nothing had just happened. Wicked!

My most favorite country so far is still my beloved Vietnam, where every mile I travel to gives me tons of sweet surprises. In my blog, I’ll cover destinations I’ve been to and also tell stories of the people I’ve met on the road. They are the true values I’ve gained from all of my journeys 😉

Contact hello@fionatravelsfromasia.com or use this form to send me any enquiry you have 🙂